Corporate Programs

At Ultra CrossFit we are committed to improving corporate well being. We specialise in customising programs that improve the physical and mental outcomes for employees and enhance workplace health. Introducing any fitness program to your corporate wellness program will provide a platform that can be seamlessly integrated into the working day and ultimately achieve results faster.

Workplace stress impacts Company’s worldwide, increasing rates of absenteeism and workers compensation claims, reducing productivity, lowering morale and increasing staff turnover rates. Ultra CrossFit provides a new way to improve employee morale and team building, at the same time as improving your employee’s health and fitness. Our unique program is designed to meet the needs of your company, and is modified to suit all fitness levels. We provide an environment that helps coworkers to improve relationships by learning to work well as a team.

At Ultra CrossFit we specialise in customising classes for our corporate clients. We understand every workplace is different, and within that workplace there are employees of all ages and fitness levels.

Some of the programs we offer are:

  • Ultra Core and Stretch
  • Ultra Circuit Training
  • Introduction to CrossFit
  • Bootcamp
  • U-Relax
  • U-Pilates
  • Team Building
  • Personal Training
  • Open Gym

Or like Corporation U – you could have a mixture of several programs.


“We are a team of professionals working in the finance industry that spends their day hunched over a computer. Health and fitness furthest from the mind. 

One afternoon Laurie and Georgia from Ultra CrossFit approached us about a possible corporate training package. At first, I couldn’t see the team getting involved, but I thought I’d float the idea past them anyway. To my surprise we had a third of the team interested in taking up the offer so we began training twice a week with Ultra. 

Attendance to the sessions was hit and miss at first, until the suggestion of completing Tough Mudder came up, then everything changed. With a goal in mind everyone got serious about their fitness and the turn up rate to the group training sessions drastically increased! Even those that hadn’t played any sport or trained in years got involved. Ultra were amazing at designing sessions that worked for everyone’s ability and fitness level. Allowing everyone to gradually improve their fitness.  

Our main trainer at Ultra was Georgia who not only got us ready for Tough Mudder but also came along on the day as a member of our team and helped us get through the course!! 19Km’s with 20 testing obstacles. We had 7 of us enter and complete Tough Mudder and another 7 came along for support. A great day out with many laughs was had by all. 

 The atmosphere in the office leading up to the challenge and after has been one of camaraderie and mutual respect, especially after the event with the odd high five in acknowledgement of each others achievement. Engaging Ultra to get us up and moving has been a fantastic decision, its improved the teams fitness, cohesion, outlook, and its not over. Everyone’s eager to maintain their twice weekly training while we search for the next challenge to conquer.   

Many thanks to Georgia, Laurie.”

Mick Wiedermann, Managing Director, Corporation U

To get your company involved or for further information, please call Laurie on 0412 886 680 or email