Functional Movement Training

City to Coast Neurosurgery Functional Movement Training Program is a strength and conditioning program with the focus of improving low back pain symptoms and work capacity.

The program is suitable for appropriately selected surgical and non-surgical patients. The full training program includes two x 1hour coaching sessions per week for an 8 week duration.

Patient selection for this program is by Dr David Johnson, brain and spinal neurosurgeon, Australian Weightlifting Federation certified level 1 trainer and CrossFit certified level 1 trainer. Additional qualifications include physiotherapy, Registered Nurse, certificate IV in Fitness and CrossFit movement coaches.

The practical focus and essence of the program is to develop and retrain patient’s dysfunctional spinal, pelvic and hip movement which is the dominating cause of low back pain. By acquiring skillful coordination movement patterns of the lumbo pelvic spine and flexibility and power in the posterior kinetic chain, strength of the spinal core stabilisers muscles will ensue through the strict application of functional movement exercises.

These three essential aspects for spinal health are gained whilst engaging in real time physical progressively scaled activities and movements that are part of and can be applied to physical requirements of daily living and increased work capacity for injured workers.

There is a distinct void of this form of specific labour intensive, one on one and time consuming movement coaching in the field of spine rehabilitation services. After many years of working in the field of spinal surgery and low back pain management City To Coast Neurosurgery has developed this service and is please to be able to offer the benefits that this program provides to individually and appropriately selected patients.

Since inception in March 2015, the program has treated 40 patients with over whelming success. An example of the significant functional gains can be viewed at this link which depicts patients initially, very poor movement patters, fear avoidance and pain at the beginning of the program and several weeks into the program, displaying normal lumbo-pelvic movement which provides the foundation for spinal core strength development. Functional Movement Gains

For further enquiries please contact or 0410 407 717